General Knowledge 408

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Which among the following is/ are considered to be the first tangible evidence of expansion of Buddhism?


2. The Bijak Inscription is related to which among the following kings?


3. From which directions Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh?


4. If the people prefer to keep cash with them rather than deposits, which among the following impacts will be seen on the Money Supply of the country ?


5. As we know that Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) is the amount of funds that the banks have to keep with the Reserve Bank of India . Consider the following consequences , if Reserve Bank of India decides to increase the CRR substantially in its monetary policy:
1. The banks will have to keep more money with RBI and this dries up the liquidity.
2.The Banks will have to increase the Interest rates on their Home Loan products
3. The banks will be able to earn more money due to increased interest rates.
Which among the above statements hold true?


6. bring out the only Incorrect statement:


7. Out of the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council, assent of how many is required to make a decision?


8. How many countries form Benelux ?


9. Recently (in year 2010) which of the following state governments got a central government nod for setting up terminal markets under public-private partnership (PPP) in three major cities by the states agriculture marketing department?


10. Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary in Kutch, Gujarat is most famous for which of the following?


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