General Knowledge 398

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Which among the following crops would enrich the Nitrogen content in the soil?


2. In India, which among the following state has the maximum estimated Uranium Resources?


3. For which of the following the date August 29, 1947 is known with regard to our constitution?


4. Who is selected as chairperson of National Khel Ratna Award for year 2010-11?


5. Cobalt is a component of which of the following Vitamins?


6. Watson’s Hotel or Esplanade Mansion, which is India’s oldest surviving cast Iron Building is located in which of the following cities?


7. Which among the following is currently the third largest company in terms of “Wire line subscriber base” as of July 2010? (First two are BSNL and MTNL)


8. To which of the following neighbor country , India ceded Kachchatheevu island in 1974?


9. Micro Credit in India comes under which the following activities?


10. Many a times we read in the newspapers that Research and Development on Genetically Modified Crops has been so far confined to crops of High value meant for the market. As per a report of Food and Agricultural Organization (The name of the report is State of Agriculture Report) , neither public nor private sector has made any significant investment in “orphan Crops” such as cow pea and millets. Why the report says that investment on Orphan crops is also necessary?


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