General Knowledge 397

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Carlos Slim, who is currently the wealthiest person in the world (Forbes Richest List 2010) with a net worth of around US$53.5 billion through his holdings is a businessman of ______?


2. Euribor is a term associated with which of the following?


3. Consider the following imaginary figures in context with the “Components of Money Stock”.
1. Currency In Circulation is Rs. 1000
2. Cash with Banks is Rs. 20
3. “Other” Deposits with RBI is Rs. 15
4. “Bankers” Deposit with RBI is Rs. 40
5. Demand Deposits is Rs. 500
6. Time Deposits is Rs. 400
Which among the following is the correct figure representing ” Broad Money “?


4. Article (1) says that India will be a Union of States . Which among the following is NOT a correct statement in this context?


5. Consider the following:
1. Iliad and Odyssey
2. Ramayana
3. Mahabharata
10. Arrange the above in decreasing order of their sizes?


6. Which among the following property of the matter is studied in “Rheology”?


7. Which of the following nations is famous among geographers as “Friendly Island “?


8. Bring out the only incorrect statement:


9. Which of the following date signified attack on Pearl harbor by Japan?


10. Renowned painter MF Hussain has got the citizenship of which of the following countries?


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