General Knowledge 385

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. In 1970’s , NASA had launched two space programmes Viking 1 and Viking 2. These programmes were most expensive and ambitious mission ever (till that time) sent to ________?


2. Which among the following groups of Banks in India was previously referred as ‘Other Scheduled Commercial Banks’?


3. Who among the following is the first Indian to win a Hoover Prize?


4. Biological Oxygen Demand is a measure of ________?


5. Which among the following city of India has become the first in south Asia to get a Sustainable Transport Award for 2010 for the very first time?


6. Consider the following:
1. Tea & Cold Drink
2. Coca Cola & Pepsi
3. Ink & Pen
The cross elasticity of demand for which among the above would be almost Zero?


7. Which among the following is a written supplementary, explanatory or appended document of Indian constitution?


8. Which among the following organizations in India implements the Indian Development and Economic Assistance Scheme (IDEAS) ?


9. In which of the following countries, the current ruling party is State Peace Development Council?


10. In which state are located the famous Mukheshawar Temple & Ananta Basudeva temple?


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