General Knowledge 382

General Knowledge – Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

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1. Which among the following dates in December has been fixed as celebration of National Mathematics Day, to be observed as birthday of great mathematician Ramanujan?


2. Which among the following is correct representation of the Money Multiplier?


3. Consider the following Statements:
1) UIDAI comes under the Planning Commission and NPR comes under the Home Ministry’s National Population Register.
2) UIDAI is a Voluntary Scheme while NPR is a Mandatory for all residents of India.
Which of the above are TRUE?


4. Consider the following statements about Agni-II Prime, which was recently tested successfully:
1.Its a medium range ballistic missile
2.Its a surface to surface missile
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?


5. Who among the following is the new Kalon Tripa (Prime Minister) of the Tibetan Government in Exile in India?


6. When was the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) first introduced in elections (on experimental basis) ?


7. Consider the following:
1.Dealing with Foreign Exchange
2.Controlling the monetary policy
3.Work as Banker to the Government
4.Control the Government Spending
Choose the functions of RBI from the given options:


8. Recently Angela Dorothea Merkel was given the 2009 Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding. She is head of which among the following countries?


9. Which among the following was the venue of the 17th edition of the International Children’s Film Festival of India, the Golden Elephant?


10. Who among the following has recently resigned as vice-president of the national body, Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWLF) citing unconstitutional functioning of the body as the reason for the resignation?


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