General Knowledge 358

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Which among the following agricultural products is India’s main import item?


2. How many countries of Southern Africa make Southern African Customs Union (SACU)?


3. Until a few years ago, United States was Chile’s largest trading partner. However recently (in year 2010) , United states has lost ground to China. This is because China is hungry for which of the following commodities of Chile?


4. Which of the following European countries has Highest Muslim Population density?


5. Which among the following correctly describes the decreasing order of use of natural Gas in India?


6. Why Commercial banks are called creators of money?


7. Which among the following international Pen brand had released the controversial “Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition” of Pens?


8. Consider the following:
1. SEBI Act
2. Companies Act
3. Depositories Act
4. Prevention of Money Laundering Act
Which among the following represents their correct year of enactment?


9. In a condition of monopoly, the monopolist has a control over the price he charges for his product. In which of the following conditions he will be able to maximize his profits?


10. Who among the following was the chairman of RBI Working Group on Benchmark Prime lending Rate on the basis of which Base rate System is slated to switch over by the banks?


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