General Knowledge 333

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Which among the following is NOT in Maharashtra?


2. Bring out the statement which is wrong:


3. Which among the following team is the defending Champion of 2010 FIFA World Cup?


4. Which among the following is a correct Chronological Order of periods in the Geological Time Scale?


5. As we read in the budget news in various newspapers that Government of India is planning to place GST from April 2011. The 13th Finance Commission, in its recent report, has asked the government to set aside how much amount to compensate the states for revenue losses on account of GST


6. The islands of Yeonpyeong , have been a disputed territory between which of the following?


7. Test of reasonableness is a very important consequence under the following articles?


8. To encourage the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Major Ports FDI up to what ceiling is permitted in India for construction and maintenance of ports and harbors?


9. Vajasneya belongs to the following Veda?


10. All those laws that were in force immediately before the enactment of the constitution shall be void to the extent of inconsistency with the fundamental rights. Essence of Article 13(1) which quotes this can be placed under which of the following?


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