General Knowledge 250

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Can you identify the number of cricketers who have taken more than 500 wickets in the history of test cricket?


2. Which of the following personalities was recently elected as the Prime minister of Australia?


3. Why was Isparta in the news recently?


4. Can you identify the date and the year when the Upahar Cinema Hall tragedy took place?


5. India is the member of all the given organizations except..


6. You know Brett Lee, the Australian cricketer, by the nickname of..


7. Which of the following Indian business groups was behind the creation of EKA, worlds fourth most powerful supercomputer on earth?


8. We know Hardev Singh Lidder better as the


9. The personality who probed the oil for food scam, died recently. Can you name this personality from the given options?


10. This personality is the chairman of the National Land Reforms Council. Can you name him from the given options?


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