General Knowledge 224

General Knowledge – Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

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1. In which of the following years, first commercial civil aviation flight took place in India between Allahabad and Naini?


2. All Minority Educational Institutions are entitled to exercise rights enshrined in which among the following articles of Constitution of India?


3. The Sabarmati river originates in which among the following ranges?


4. Ruler of which among the following signed for the fist time a “Subsidiary Alliance Treaty” with the British in which the Company kept its army inside the border of protected state and got some territories in return?


5. Who among the following served as first Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund?


6. Among the following states, which one has the most suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of a large variety of orchids with minimum cost of production, and can develop an export oriented industry in this field ?


7. Where was launched the Jal Hans, India’s first commercial seaplane service in December 2010?


8. Agreeing to the Fiscal autonomy to India, in which of the following years, the British Government established an Indian Fiscal Commission in the pre-independence Era?


9. Consider the following: 1. Foreign Direct Investments2. Foreign Institutional Investments 3. American Depository Receipts 4. Global Depository ReceiptsIn context with the “Sources of Foreign Exchange Reserves” which among the above are placed under Portfolio Investment?


10. Which among the following neighboring country sources its entire requirement of petrol, diesel and jet fuel from India?


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