General Knowledge 223

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Daughter of The East is the name of the^autobiographical account of?


2. Christopher Weermantry, Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, Percy and Louise^Schmeiser and Grameen Shakti are the winners of the?


3. Which of the following is NOT a recipient of the Magsaysay award?


4. Kathakali is a dance form that belongs to the state of?


5. Oscar Peterson died recently. He belonged to the field of?


6. Doris Lessing is the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2007. She belongs to?


7. This day is celebrated as the World Food Day. Identify it from the given options?


8. which of the following painted the fresco ceiling of the Sistine^Chapel?


9. This famous traveler was the author of Kitab fi Tahqiq ma l’il-Hind (Researches on India). Name the person in question from the given options?


10. Durgeshnondini is the name of a famous novel by?


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