General Knowledge 194

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. In which of the following population group, the number of branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India is maximum (as on March 31, 2010)?


2. Which among the following states in India leads in terms of installed wind Power capacity?


3. The famous “Ripon Resolution” of 1882 is most closely related to which among the following?


4. Which of the following presidents of India headed the Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE) founded in 1957 ?


5. A bill seeking to amend which among the following provisions will not require special majority and ratification by states?


6. Which among the following National Park in India is also called the last house of White winged Wood Duck?


7. In context with the Real Time Gross Settlement which is maintained by the RBI in India, what is the number of characters in the alphanumeric codes provided to each bank connected with Core Banking System?


8. In which of the following countries the largest fraction of total electricity supply is atomic energy?


9. In which state is located India’s national institute for the study and development of space science?


10. Which among the following sub sectors of the petroleum and natural gas (PNG) sector in India does not fall in the domain of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board of India (PNGRB)?


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