General Knowledge 180

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. As we know that United Nations has designated 2010 as ” International Year for Youth”. On which date “International Year for Youth” begins?


2. Recently (in year 2010) , the government of India has ended a month long SEBI IRDA war , by saying that Unit Linked Insurance Products (ULIPs) , which account for 50% of the life insurance business and the money invested in equities, will be regulated by IRDA. The government has also decided to set
up a high level committee which will sort out all issues of jurisdiction regarding hybrid products. Who among the following will head this committee?


3. How many elements of the 8th period have been synthesized by 2010?


4. Bring out the incorrect statement:


5. Which among the following is the first Indian bank to commence operations in Singapore ?


6. Who among the following is the author is the book Equilibrium Unemployment Theory ?


7. Law Commission of India is a _____?


8. If an exporter earns money and deposits that with RBI , what will be the ultimate impact on country’s money supply ?


9. What is the implementation period of New Industrial Policy of New Delhi , which has recently (in year 2010) come out?


10. Which among the following economic disasters is known to be an outcome of beggar-thy-neighbour policies as one reason among others ?


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