General Knowledge 114

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. U Thant who was a United Nations Secretary General was from which of the following Asian Countries ? (He was first Asian Secretary General of United Nations)


2. Which of the following committee recommended the Elimination of standard deduction ??


3. Who among the following was the Chief Minister of Hyderabad State, when the Gentlemen’s Agreement was signed?


4. At which of the following rate, RBI discounts bills of commercial Banks?


5. In context with the next generation communication technology, India forayed into the 3G Mobile arena with the launch of 3G enabled Mobile services in 2008. Which among the following company was the first to launch this service in India?


6. In which state is located Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary?


7. Who is known as grand old man of India?


8. In context with the banking business, which among the following is a correct definition of liquidity risk?


9. Which of the following Judge from India is a member of the International Tribunal for the Law of Sea?


10. In which year was established Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria commonly called “The Global Fund” or “GFATM”?


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