General English Test 96

General English Questions and Answers

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1. You can have whichever one you want as I’ll let you ________ from these examples here.


2. ________ for his age and he is after all only 12, I think his achievement is remarkable.


3. It was a totally new experience for us visiting that factory abroad as we were ________ to all sorts of new techniques.


4. For the first time in his life ________ of going straight home, he called in at a pub on the way back.


5. If you ________ to take that step in your career, you have only yourself to blame if it all goes wrong.


6. I think you can clearly see now what I mean as that incident ________ that I am obviously right.


7. You can tell that this piece of furniture is ________ to America because of the strong colonial style.


8. All cyclists must now wear some kind of helmet in order to ________ their heads against injury in the event of an accident.


9. I’ve always thought of her as the kind of person you can trust, you know the sort you can ________ on.


10. No one had a clue what had actually happened neither the police ________ the public.


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