General English Test 95

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Children often go down to the seaside and use their buckets and spades to make sand ________ .


2. In order to get children to go to sleep, parents sometimes say that the sand ________ will soon come and put sand in their eyes.


3. The sands are ________ and everything is changing in this century.


4. If you ________ your enterprise on sand, it’s certain to fail eventually.


5. It’s no good ________ your head in the sand, you’ll have to face the truth in the end.


6. They have decided to ________ a line in the sand and start all over again.


7. For very small children at their nursery school there is often a ________ where they can play.


8. When there is a danger of flooding, people often pile up sand ________ outside their houses to stop the water coming in.


9. The sands of ________ are running out and you’ll have to hurry up.


10. It runs into millions and millions almost as many as the ________ of sand you can see on this beach.


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