General English Test 82

General English Questions and Answers

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1. He just couldn’t play fast and ________ with his employees any longer simply because they never knew where he was.


2. He ________ a fast one at the entrance because he handed over 4 tickets although there were 5 of them entering the exhibition.


3. He’s one of the ________ rich quick fraternity who believe in making money as quickly as possible.


4. I appreciate your hard work but sometimes you’re so fast that you miss the details and I think it’s a case of more ________ less speed.


5. Since he left the army, he misses the excitement and danger and still wants to live life in the fast ________ .


6. Now that the company has made its first million, there’s no stopping it and it’s full ________ ahead.


7. You’ll have to be quick off the ________ if you want to buy one of those houses because they’re selling very fast.


8. He sees financial gain everywhere and never misses an opportunity to make a fast ________ .


9. As a child he had no problems learning foreign languages mainly because he was very quick on the ________ .


10. There was absolutely no hesitation on her part and quick as a ________ she paid the bill.


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