General English Test 78

General English Questions and Answers

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1. The press had been ________ by an unknown source to make as much publicity about him as they could.


2. People tended not to believe a word he said and maintained that his protestations of innocence were wearing a bit ________ .


3. Views as to his guilt or innocence even before the trial started ________ from utter conviction that he was guilty to wild support for his innocence.


4. Gradually however as the days went by even his greatest supporters were beginning to ________ him.


5. Imagine an ________ public figure attacked by press and public, who is facing an inquiry into allegations of having obtained money by deception.


6. Any arguments he put up in his defence were regarded as a ________ by people who were determined to see him convicted.


7. There was very strong support for the police who were determined to ________ this kind of crime.


8. His agent spent a lot of time ________ the press on his background in the hope that they would present a balanced view.


9. By then of course it was too late because the damage had already been done to his career, which ________ everything else he did for the rest of his life.


10. Then two days before the trial was due to start, new evidence came to ________ proving he was totally innocent.


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