General English Test 75

General English Questions and Answers

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1. They decided to get dressed at once and take the two girls to their aunt’s house. Henry ________ the police but asked them to keep the news from the press.


2. It was no good. The line had gone .________ As calmly as he could Henry went upstairs to tell his wife the alarming news.


3. At half past eight Henry was in conference with his election agent, Andrew Higgins, at party headquarters.Andrew: If you want my opinion, I suggest you cancel all your engagements for today and wait until the police get to the ________ of the matter.


4. Henry: Certainly not! I’m not going to let ________ be scared by some stupid crank.


5. Henry: Hello.Man’s voice: Is that Mr. Henry Orpington, the parliamentary candidate?Henry: Yes, ________ .


6. Andrew: If you say so. But I’d like to make it ________ that I’m dead against it.


7. Andrew: What did the man sound like? Did you recognize his voice?Henry: No, I was half asleep.His voice wasn’t familiar but he sounded quite pleasant. He didn’t seem to be ________ me.


8. Man’s voice: Oh, good morning. I want to warn you about a bomb…Henry: A bomb? Where? Hello! We’ve been ________ off. Operator! Operator! Operator!


9. Henry: No, I’m going to carry on as usual. Think of the advantage it would give my ________ if I were out of the campaign even for one day.


10. Andrew: That makes the whole business even more sinister. Look here, Henry, one day won’t make all that much difference. I’ll tell people that you’ve ________ your voice or something.


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