General English Test 74

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Before these articles leave the factory to be forwarded to the retailer, each one is thoroughly ________ .


2. The company insists that all their products are ________ in respect of their quality, specification and look.


3. If for any reason customers do not like the item they have bought, they always ________ and get a refund.


4. The sole purpose of this jacket is to ________ water and if you wear it in the rain and still get wet, it’s useless.


5. The advantages of working for this company is that all employees ________ themselves as a member of the team.


6. These pots are being sold as seconds because each one has a slight ________ in the glaze.


7. The great thing about this particular material is that however much you screw it up, it never ________ .


8. This is the department for children’s clothes and each ________ is marked with the recommended age range.


9. The reason why I always buy my clothes at this store is because all the ________ they sell are of very high quality.


10. The whole look of the shop front is ________ by the introduction of bright colours.


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