General English Test 72

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Although technically his judgement was not according to the ________ of the law, most people thought the judge was right to let the man go free.


2. In London in any underground station it is ________ the law to smoke.


3. If you drive faster than the stated speed limit, you are simply ________ the law.


4. Her parents are very strict and frequently ________ down the law about the way she behaves.


5. I get the impression sometimes that she thinks she can never do anything wrong almost as if she is ________ the law.


6. However angry you may get at what someone has done to you, the police always advise you not to take the law into your own ________ .


7. All governments want people to live in peace and comfort and so they try to promote a sense of law and ________ .


8. In that particular industry everyone has to look after themselves because the law of the ________ rules.


9. Even if you think you may have got away with a crime, in most cases the long ________ of the law will catch you.


10. They have no respect for modern conventions and do exactly what they want they are a law ________ themselves.


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