General English Test 67

General English Questions and Answers

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1. The new supervisor has ________ the company with some exceptionally enlightening new ways of thinking.


2. Another name similar to a suck-up is a ________ -noser.


3. She implied her notable ________ for her opponent by wrinkling her nose upon his arrival.


4. A suck-up is someone who is ________ their superior in an attempt to gain favor.


5. He must master an ________ of technical skills.


6. Let your creative juices ________ .


7. Our ________ income is at least six-digits.


8. You should solicit and utilize feedback on all of your ________ .


9. You may need to ________ some of your phrasing because some of these sentences are redundant.


10. It is crucial that we do not ________ the momentum of the up-and-coming generation of workforce.


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