General English Test 59

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Feel free to visit anything of interest to you in the exhibition and also you can ________ of any of the refreshments available.


2. I am completely confused as to why she did it and so it’s not ________ to imagine why other people are mystified, too.


3. I assure you that you will have no problem with the task because it’s as easy ________ can be.


4. Many of the people in the crowd were visibly crying because they all ________ with those who had lost relatives in the disaster.


5. It was easy to realise why the machine had stopped working since it was a direct ________ of his failure to maintain it.


6. Remember that this happened first and was ________ to the episode that happened afterwards.


7. I have great ________ for them at this time because I have had a similar experience.


8. If you want to try and influence that political party it’s best to become a member yourself and then you can argue from the ________ .


9. It’s a complete waste of time ________ over who was to blame, the main thing we have to do is decide what to do next.


10. As the police saw the accident themselves, the driver avoided the ________ of having to give a detailed report.


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