General English Test 55

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Sometimes a journalist will get hold of sensitive information knowing that he will get ________ by government agencies if he dares reveal it.


2. The last possible thing that anyone wants to happen to their country is to turn it into a ________ for troublemakers.


3. Journalists however love to get hold of a story somehow but they run the risk of facing a ________ if they break the official secrects act.


4. The person in charge of the enquiry will occasionally ________ what can be disclosed in newspapers.


5. Once this disclosure is ________ it’s the job of the journalist to follow it through to a satisfactory conclusion.


6. The more the authorities try to conceal what is happening, the more it fuels ________ about what might be happening.


7. The question must always be in the mind of the writer whether what is being written is likely to ________ a threat to the safety of the community at large.


8. When there is a ________ inquiry taking place, the rush to get more details is intense.


9. Mind you it has to be a convincing article because the reading public can soon see through the ________ of a weak argument.


10. We often hear that such and such a piece of information cannot be released into the public ________ in the interest of national security.


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