General English Test 52

General English Questions and Answers

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1. She hates Christmas because she feels so sad and ________ despite all the people coming by to greet her.


2. Her mind was occupied by one ________ thought and that was to leave this family forever.


3. Joan’s husband abandoned her unexpectedly, leaving her ________ and uncertain about the future.


4. Finally they found what they were looking for, it was the house of their dreams- two storeys, a beautiful green garden and a ________ garage.


5. He was walking along the streets which were usually so crowded, but that afternoon for some reason they looked ________ .


6. The nights were the worst part for she was haunted by ________ thoughts which were killing her.


7. Marion didn’t imagine she could ever enjoy those ________ walks in the mountain.


8. As the path was very narrow and dangerous, the guide told them they should walk in ________ file.


9. After the good news of my promotion I felt like walking in the park, but not ________ and my sister was the only one I felt like walking with.


10. All the other people at the party had gathered together in small groups, having the time of their life, and only she was left standing ________ .


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