General English Test 44

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Since Alice retired, she has been deprived of some favorite diversions business meetings, business trips and cocktail parties. The humdrum routine of her present life is literally ________ her.


2. In the Middle Ages, bandits and criminals were publicly ________ by hanging.


3. The Mafia often kidnaps children of the rich, demands money for their safe return, and then ________ them anyway.


4. The fire spread all over the antique bookshop and ________ all the valuable books and manuscripts in it.


5. The plague in the nineteenth century was a terrible disease that ________ millions of people.


6. Angela has been a Mafia informant for many years now. Knowing that the Mafia is fond of ________ its enemies, she demands and is paid exorbitant amounts of money to do this dirty job.


7. The president of the country was ________ because nobody liked his hostile politics.


8. Because of a lack of evidence, the judge dismissed the case against the man accused of ________ the senator.


9. A lot of American Indians were ________ after white men settled in the New World.


10. Thousands of cows and other cattle were ________ because of the anthrax epidemic a few years ago.


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