General English Test 36

General English Questions and Answers

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1. The extent of the ________ available in this one store is more than you can possibly imagine.


2. Are you aware of the latest ________ in children’s clothing?


3. It started off as a small street corner shop over 30 years ago but it has now ________ into a massive department store.


4. They’re quite ________ in their policy of not giving refunds without a receipt in this store.


5. If you ________ with me, I’ll go and see whether we have that in your size.


6. The trouble with these huge superstores is that they don’t have enough ________ to deal with customers at busy times.


7. They have a ________ restriction in the shop with regard to the number of items of clothing that you can try on at one time.


8. Take a good look at the receipt when you leave so that you can see that all the ________ have been listed.


9. Whenever I go to the old part of a city, I like to ________ all the shops selling antiques.


10. We got there early so that we could get the best ________ in the sale before anyone else.


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