General English Test 32

General English Questions and Answers

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1. There is still an outstanding ________ on that account, which must be paid in 30 days.


2. Interest ________ are at their lowest level since the 1950’s.


3. We will make no ________ for the catalogue, which you can take with our compliments.


4. When you retire, you should get a pension and a ________ sum from your employers.


5. If you cannot get a job and remain ________ for a long period, you can claim some money from the state.


6. When you take out a large loan over many years, you don’t start paying off the ________ for some time.


7. ________ are people who put money into a business in the hope of making a profit.


8. It may seem a long way into the future but in the end you will get some ________ from your investment.


9. There is a substantial ________ between the money you have available and the amount you need to spend.


10. The great thing about this guarantee is that there is never any doubt and there is no ________ about getting your money back.


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