General English Test 3

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Production has slowed down because they have run ________ difficulty with a particular component.


2. It’s hard to get ________ him; he’s got such a difficult character.


3. This computer is useless; it’s always breaking ________ .


4. Look ________ ! That car’s coming this way.


5. I’m sorry but I can’t make ________ what he’s trying to do.


6. We tried a new marketing idea, but it didn’t come ________ .


7. He’s a good talker. He always puts ________ his ideas very well.


8. If his company takes ________ ours, they’ll have a monopoly.


9. Working under pressure always brings ________ the best in him.


10. I’m afraid I can’t go ________ your decision; I think you’re wrong.


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