General English Test 29

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Play the tape back as many times as you like and ________ everything that the native speaker has said.


2. Start reading the story from page 4 and then go on until you ________ the end of the chapter.


3. The whole purpose of all these exercises is to ________ your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.


4. A useful way to ________ your vocabulary is to read as much as possible.


5. Answer the questions at the back of the book and make ________ that you check your answers carefully.


6. If you can ________ the cost of travel, there is of course no substitute for visiting the country itself.


7. If you manage to do all these things, it won’t be long before you find yourself speaking the language ________ .


8. Try to ________ a native speaker to talk to you so that you can record the conversation.


9. You should read not only newspapers but also novels so that you can see examples of ________ language.


10. Another important activity is to ________ your spoken language.


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