General English Test 28

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Joan heard the clock ________ midnight and realized that she had forgotten about their appointment.


2. Mr Willow is the eldest in the family but no one ever listens to him. Every time he wants to get attention, he has to ________ the table a heavy blow.


3. The woman was standing on a rock, desperately looking at the waves ________ the shore.


4. Jacob called the police and the emergency, because his neighbour ________ his wife black and blue.


5. If I see him, I swear I will ________ him for what he has done.


6. After trying hard for a long time, the soldier finally managed to ________ the target.


7. She heard his feet ________ on the thick carpet upstairs.


8. Mary is a very calm and patient mother but lately she often ________ her naughty son.


9. The naughty boy ________ the hedge to frighten the horses.


10. The fast wind was ________ the window-pane and that sound was driving her crazy.


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