General English Test 25

General English Questions and Answers

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1. which all describe the kind of sleep that can be ________ at a moment’s notice.


2. put a ________ outside your door stating: Do not disturb having 40 winks.


3. Should you wish for a little peace and ________ at the office,


4. Well, I think if you don’t ________


5. A more basic expression of this ________ is to have a little shuteye.


6. Forty apparently is the ________ allowed for this kind of sleep.


7. More ________ than not as a guest we’ll say:


8. You can take a cat nap beside the fire or doze off on a train ________


9. Well, I think I’ll ________ to sleep now.


10. The strange ________ is that few people announce boldly:


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