General English Test 23

General English Questions and Answers

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1. Where we live is a sort of back________ because nobody here knows what’s going on in the world.


2. He said he’d read my funny story and had laughed twice, which was a sort of back ________ compliment.


3. Poor woman since she got knocked down by a car, she’s been ________ on her back.


4. There’s still some way to go with this latest project but I think we’ve ________ the back of it.


5. I’ve lived here all my life and know every single road and street like the back of my ________ .


6. He’s one of those irritating people who manages within a few minutes of meeting someone to ________ their back up.


7. She’s the sort of person who can’t bear being secretive and will never talk about you ________ your back.


8. I’m suspicious really because at the back of my ________ I don’t trust them.


9. She was a very famous film star some 40 years ago but now she’s regarded as unimportant a sort of back ________ .


10. He’s having trouble with his mother-in-law because she likes to control everything rather like a backseat ________ .


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