General English Test 22

General English Questions and Answers

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1. A warranty is to be looked on as a sort of ________ between the manufacturer and you.


2. I regret to inform you that as your guarantee ________ last week, we can’t help you.


3. You sometimes have to ________ very seriously whether to buy a second hand car which has no guarantee.


4. This kind of legislation is in existence to ________ the customer from worthless warranties.


5. Sometimes people don’t bother about guarantees because the ________ of the manufacturer is enough for them.


6. The guarantee, as I understood it, ________ that everything was covered.


7. You will find that such warranties are not worth buying because the cover provided is ________ not worth the extra expense.


8. If you go to an unauthorized garage to have your car serviced, the ________ is that your warranty will be invalid.


9. Certain warranties ________ the purchaser to have the item serviced at regular intervals.


10. Sometimes you get a one year warranty, a two year one or even a six month one they all ________ .


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