General English Test 114

General English Questions and Answers

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1. After a great deal of discussion a ________ was eventually found, which seemed to be what was wanted.


2. The first ________ was to hold the event in the open air but that posed many problems.


3. This proposal was soon discarded because we might find difficulty with the local ________ .


4. Invitations were sent out and in ________ the response was quite good.


5. In view of the large number of people the ________ of a parking area was considered very important.


6. The first thing she recommended was for us to ________ all the people who were involved.


7. After a lot of discussion we decided to hire a professional to ________ us.


8. The next thing we needed to work out was the exact ________ of the area that we needed in order to present the event.


9. At this stage it was clear that they had to know the ________ number of people who were going to attend.


10. Unfortunately the event was never ________ because no one had considered the reaction of the local people to the noise of a loud pop concert.


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