General English Test 108

General English Questions and Answers

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1. The reporter had got it ________ wrong because he found his ticket and he wasn’t ‘fined’, he was simply ‘fine’.


2. Headlines appeared maintaining that Mathew was a dishonest ________ thief.


3. Mathew Smith was a highly respected member of parliament with no ________ on his character


4. At least that’s what he thought until the press started trying to ________ up something about his past.


5. There was even talk that incidents like this one could ________ the Government.


6. Apparently when he was still at school, he didn’t have a ticket for his train journey one day and he was ________ .


7. At last Mathew decided to speak ________ for himself and tell the truth.


8. The Prime Minister called Mathew in to talk to him and said he couldn’t tolerate any ________ of scandal in his Party.


9. This piece of information was discovered by one keen local reporter and was ________ up out of all proportion by the national press.


10. Other papers asked the question: How can we trust our politicians if they ________ on society?


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