General English Test 104

General English Questions and Answers

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1. It is much easier to ________ an illness than it is to cure it.


2. I must confess I feel much better today, as I have found that the medication prescribed has been most ________ .


3. Under the policy of the new health regulations if you decide to cancel your ________ and don’t notify the surgery, you will be fined.


4. Treatment of this particular disorder was beyond the doctor’s capability and he ________ the patient to a specialist.


5. Before she was allowed to leave the hospital, a physiotherapist had to ________ the extent of her mobility.


6. The treatment has proved very successful but to check progress he has to arrange to visit the doctor’s ________ .


7. As soon as the doctor looked at her, he was able to ________ the cause of her frequent headaches.


8. The doctor took out of her bag an unusual ________ but promised her young patient that it would not hurt her.


9. He left the surgery feeling a lot better than when he arrived because the doctor had reassured him that his condition was not ________ .


10. Before they could start any kind of treatment, they had to write to the previous hospital in order to obtain her ________ .


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