General Elementary English Test 86

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Mike: ‘I bet you don’t know what happened at the party?’ Jane: ________


2. Mike: ‘Then you take away the first number are you with me?’ Jane: ________


3. Mike: ‘So what do you think is the answer?’ Jane: ________


4. Mike: ‘Guess how much income tax I pay.’ Jane: ________


5. Mike: ‘It’s amazing when you learn what technology can do, isn’t it?’ Jane: ________


6. Mike: ‘Do you understand what he’s on about?’ Jane: ________


7. Mike: ‘I assume you’re following the argument, aren’t you.’ Jane: ________


8. Mike: ‘Do you know what I did last night?’ Jane: ________


9. Mike: ‘Then you add the square root and multiply by 67, do you follow?’ Jane: ________


10. Mike: ‘Do you know how much the bill has come to?’ Jane: ________


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