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General Elementary English Test 82

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Hello I’m just ________ out my new mobile.


2. Well, I did ________ a lot of money on it.


3. You ________ very clear.


4. I’ve already told you I’m in the ________ .


5. Oh there goes the front door bell oh it’s you! I might have ________ .


6. Oh yes. Are you ________ away?


7. Well, this is very interesting but I am very ________ .


8. Tell me, where are you at the ________ ?


9. Not really. I’m quite ________ .


10. Don’t ________ I’ll see you very soon.


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Finishing Moves In WWE

Kevin Owens Pop Up Powerbomb

The powerbomb is one of the most destructive and entertaining moves in all of wrestling. The setup, flipping the opponent (or in this case popping them up in the air) and slamming them hard to the mat is just perfect pro wrestling.
Kevin Owens uses the powerbomb in fine fashion, utilizing momentum to throw his opponent up in the air, and gravity to drop them hard to the mat. As one of the more vicious heels, the move fits his persona perfectly.