General Elementary English Test 80

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. I was ________ with the comment, ‘Oh not you again’


2. When I telephoned your store and explained the ________ to your receptionist,


3. I had the washing machine fitted by a ________ plumber but he was unable to make the thing work.


4. ________ one of the components was faulty and he recommended that I got back to you so that a replacement could be fitted.


5. which I found most ________ especially since throughout the protracted period of waiting for the machine


6. I remained calm although I believe I have every reason for ________ up a fuss.


7. I eventually got put ________ to the technical department


8. who were most ________ hand


9. and told me there was ________ that could be done immediately


10. since there were a number of people ________ sick.


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