General Elementary English Test 8

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. The post office in this country district didn’t use vans because of the ________ .


2. It was at this stage that Ted came in quickly ________ me to finish and get on the road.


3. The shouts of joy coming from some houses as I put the mail through the letter ________ made up for the discomfort and.


4. Once out in the open air I experienced a violent ________ but soon the sun came out.


5. I was beginning to feel like a ________ Father Christmas.


6. I had to ________ do with a bicycle that looked as though it had been hit several times.


7. The only way to ________ with this one, Ted recommended, was to rush at the door, shove the letters through the door and go away as quickly as possible.


8. I then came to number 56 that Ted had ________ me about. They had a ferocious dog.


9. After about two hours of this my internal battery started to get low and I found myself losing ________ .


10. At first I got on famously finding the right pigeonholes, checking Ted’s list and putting the letters in ________ .


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