General Elementary English Test 6

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. who ________ it was a part-time job because it was all finished by mid-day.


2. Was because I had amassed some rather large ________ .


3. My main ________ for becoming a temporary postman during the Christmas holiday period.


4. And what was more ________ I had got no money.


5. He was ________ up with people he met every so often


6. It was all a question of ________ he said and then he explained


7. He didn’t want any of his ________ to imagine that being a postman was an easy job.


8. My trainer was a postman by the ________ of Ted.


9. With a life time of ________ in doing all the walks in the town.


10. the moment I got into the ________ office.


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