General Elementary English Test 59

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. However, as she told me frequently, she had no intention of turning ________ an old fogey herself.


2. In fact they were actually turning ________ people.


3. They were so successful that they were even turning ________ bookings.


4. The waiting was done by me and Doris, who should have turned it ________ years ago and by rights have been a guest herself because of the great age.


5. After a long wait like that very often they would simply turn ________ everything and simply ask for a cup of tea.


6. Some people had turned ________ on the off chance.


7. Most of the residents were elderly and so they all invariably turned ________ early most evenings.


8. I suppose breakfast is the most difficult task to turn your hand ________ because there are so many variations of drink, cereal, egg and bread.


9. When I turned ________ for work on my first day, the hotel had already been flourishing for 5 years.


10. You had to stand there for ages while each guest made up their mind, turning ________ the choices in their minds.


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