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General Elementary English Test 56

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Fellow citizens I am honoured to be ________ to speak to you tonight about my party.


2. ________ this is a very small figure in comparison with the other major political parties.


3. As you probably know the Tranquillity Party stands for peace and ________ in the countryside.


4. In our publicity, unlike our political ________ we do not make a lot of noise about our policies.


5. At the moment we are trying very hard to increase our membership which ________ stands at 500.


6. In ________ of the terrible weather you have come along tonight, ladies and gentlemen, and I should like to thank all four of you for coming.


7. But then you all have turned ________ tonight and that proves there is growing interest in our ideals.


8. You may be interested to know that we are holding a ________ in the centre of our town this weekend.


9. Naturally all the ________ are requested to be as peaceful as possible and above all not to shout.


10. We want people to live in harmony with each other and to settle ________ amicably.


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