General Elementary English Test 5

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. John: ‘I am most grateful.’ Sue: ________


2. John: ‘Your advice this morning was much appreciated.’ Sue: ________


3. John: ‘I must say you really helped us out when we lost those passports.’ Sue: ________


4. John: ‘And as a special thank you for all you’ve done, we’re treating you to a meal out.’ Sue: ________


5. John: ‘We’d like to give you this small present to show our gratitude.’ Sue: ________


6. John: ‘That was very thoughtful of you to do that.’ Sue: ________


7. John: ‘I really appreciate your kindness this last week.’ Sue: ________


8. John: ‘Thank you so much.’ Sue: ________


9. John: ‘By the way, I’ve paid the taxi driver.’ Sue: ________


10. John: ‘Thank you very much for helping me.’ Sue: ________


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