General Elementary English Test 40

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1. A spacecraft is heading for the planet with a device that will ________ into the soil to sniff for proof of any life.


2. As the planet gets nearer to the Sun, enormous dust storms can be whipped ________ .


3. Anyone seeking ________ of life on Mars is likely to be disappointed.


4. Researchers are also looking into the possibility of one day launching a manned ________ to Mars.


5. Because it is coming so close observers are hoping to settle the argument about life on the planet once and for ________ .


6. It seems that Mars has always been cold and icy and that it’s not true that oceans have ________ on the planet in its early history.


7. This ________ in the life on Mars argument comes just when it is closest to Earth in 60.000 years.


8. Unfortunately the dust storms tend to ________ the view of the planet.


9. Everyone hopes that Mars will remain dust free otherwise people will only be able to see an orange ________ .


10. Scientists have been ________ through data from an orbiting satellite.


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