General Elementary English Test 38

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. He admitted eating a meat pie every day. As the news headlines announced: ‘________ vegetarian eats his own words’.


2. Once he was photographed eating in his dining room and the caption read: ‘A picture of a ________ eating sausages’.


3. As it turned out these were not sausages but in fact very big carrots and the photographer had to pay enormous ________ .


4. In the end the pressure became too much for George and he confessed his ________ secret.


5. Wherever George went, journalists would follow him to try and find a way to ________ him.


6. George Turnip was a highly respected vegetarian but the press were making serious ________ about him.


7. George had a very well paid contract with a television advertiser of garden peas and he didn’t want to fall out ________ the company.


8. Even in his own house he was not safe because cameras would ________ on him.


9. The contract stated that he would never eat any meat ________ .


10. George denied everything and said he would ________ any newspaper which dared to print stories about him.


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