General Elementary English Test 34

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. We are really glad to have you as our ________ and we will take good care of you.


2. I often read short articles ________ pets in my favourite magazine.


3. As of now we still don’t know if we will be ________ to fulfil our contract.


4. You will probably agree ________ me.


5. I ________ don’t know how to learn new words by heart.


6. I think learning ________ be interesting because otherwise you wouldn’t ever be able to succeed.


7. Thank you very much indeed, that’s very kind ________ you.


8. Don’t worry, we are quite flexible and can make changes at ________ time whatsoever.


9. If you have a question please feel ________ to ask.


10. For the whole of next week we are planning to sell our new dictionaries at a special ________ .


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