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General Elementary English Test 33

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. I can understand your Spanish in spite of the grammar ________ you make.


2. It is a ________ to argue with your friends.


3. Whose ________ is this? Yours, I’m afraid.


4. Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your ________ !


5. Your composition is full of ________ .


6. You will make a terrible ________ in introducing her to your parents.


7. The child broke the expensive vase but it was his mother’s ________ for letting him play close to it.


8. The new assistant made a ________ and as a result all the accounts were messed up.


9. The engineer was quick to point out the technical ________ .


10. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say this, it was a ________ of the tongue.


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Rules to play Squash

Return of Serve

While waiting to return the serve, watch the server to get an idea of
The type of Serve to expect.
The angle of the serve.
The speed of the serve.
all ofwhich will assist the racket preparation to return the ball.
Keep out of the back corner.
Keep away from the walls.