General Elementary English Test 3

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. If you have pets, it is always necessary to pay for a pet ________ when you rent an apartment or room.


2. Application fees are usually, ________ which means you don’t get your money back.


3. ________ is a person who owns and maintain a house or a land.


4. If you wish to temporarily rent your house to someone else, that means you ________ your house to that person.


5. ________ is a contract that determines for how long you can stay at the place you are renting and how much you have to pay.


6. In order for you to buy a house on loan, it is important that you have a good ________ report.


7. Sometimes when you rent an apartment, it comes already ________ .


8. ________ is a person who is renting the house.


9. When you are interested in buying or renting a house you have to fill out, ________ which is a type of written request for a house.


10. It is always good to provide ________ letter to the employer to prove that you are a good character.


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