General Elementary English Test 24

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. There are always special ________ in her tragedies that move you to tears.


2. As always his latest play has been a huge success and all the tickets are ________ until August.


3. Are you one of those people who never goes to see a play until you’ve read the ________ in the newspaper?


4. One of the greatest actors of the century ________ an unforgettable character in the part of Scrooge from the novel by Charles Dickens.


5. The ________ were so carried away with the acting that at the end of the play they all stood up and applauded.


6. There are different ways of ________ Shakespeare’s plays and each director makes an individual choice.


7. You can’t compare the ________ of watching live theatre with watching a film.


8. However well written the play is, it will never succeed without outstanding ________ .


9. It was one of those plays where the ________ moved at great speed.


10. Many people go to the theatre not to see a play where the plot is complicated but to listen to the brilliant ________ between the actors.


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